Welcome to Dog Pound Expo 2021!

The Dog Pound Expo, 2021 is now over! Thank you for joining us and our fantastic speedrunners
in our goal to fundraise for To Write Love On Her Arms!

This year we made $3,025!

Welcome to the home of the Dog Pound Expo!

DPX is a three day charity event founded by Meddadog in 2019. Focused around speedrunning popular games, DPX seeks to entertain and raise money for non-profit organizations we feel passionate about. To date, our dedicated speedrunners have raised nearly five thousand dollars, and we hope to raise even more in the coming years!

If you’re looking to be a part of the Expo or if you’re wanting to learn about the event and the charities involved, then you’ve come to the right place!

DPX2021 is Near!

Update: A few things have happened since we last posted! Submissions for this year's DPX 2021 have closed and the schedule of the the event is now LIVE! For the first time in DPX history we will have an overnight segment, meaning that when the streams start on Friday they will not end until the final run on Saturday! Sunday will resume as previous years, where we will pick up first thing in the morning. Depending on how things go we may be looking for...

Welcome to the new site!

Update: Ok, we have a bit to go through. Major, Major, site updates. We have completely redesigned the site. Huge thanks to the web team who made this site a reality! We will no longer be using google forms for registration and google sheets for the schedule. Everything will be done on the site it self. Applications are Live! If you are interested in possibly doing a run for DPX, you will are able to apply now! Submissions end October 31st at 11:59 PM...